Off Roading


Open Areas

There are literally thousands of acres of area to explore if you've got the gas and a map. Please be respectful of locals who may also be enjoying these trails. 

*Off-Roading inside of designated Festival activity areas is strictly prohibited and you will be asked to leave if caught.


What's allowed?

The area around the Festival grounds is all open Florida Recreation area. Anything that is permitted on Florida Recreational use land is permitted here. 

Please do not litter or cause unnecessary damage to the area.


Trucks, Jeeps, 4Runners etc.

Please limit vehicle use to obvious vehicle trails. We will have Onewheelers, Motorcycles, ATV's, Side by sides and bikes on some of the smaller trails and don't want anyone to get hurt.

Be respectful of smaller traffic and always yield the right of way to them.


Trail Maps and Areas

Closer to the event date we will release Trail Maps as well as general use maps for attendees. Please check back after Feb 1st to see detailed layovers of the terrain and riding areas.