Great Onewheel Sites


Want to head out on your own and explore? We've listed out some of our favorite places to explore.

Grapefruit Trails. 15 minute drive

Turkey-Malabar-Cameron Tour. 20 minute drive

This ride connects the bike trails of Turkey Creek Sanctuary, Malabar Scrub Sanctuary (east and west), and Cameron Preserve. Put together, these trails make for a great ride.

Jordan Scrub White loop. 20 minute drive

This trail is shared with horses so sometimes the trail can get bumpy. There are some roots in some sections, and some sections can get really really sandy unless there is rain. And if there is too much rain other sections can end up under water. So, if you catch it at the right time you can have a blast out here. If you ride at sunset then the sections that cross the lakes can have spectacular sunsets over the water.

Perimeter Trail. 20 minute drive

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Nearby Activities


Archie Carr National Wildlife refuge. 38 minute drive

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Turkey Creek Sanctuary. 25 minute drive

130-acre preserve with a boardwalk, jogging trails & a nature center housing exhibits & a gift shop.

Saint Sebastian River State Park. 20 minute drive

Boating & hiking are popular activities at this riverside park with grassy forests & swampland. Come explore the natural beauty of this park.

Tank America. 20 minute drive

Navigate your way through our 3/4 mile tank course from the driver's seat of our 17 ton FV 433 Abbot. The tank course requires you to negotiate hair pin turns, climb a fifteen foot hill, and barrel through a four foot deep mud hole. Drive this beast today!